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How To Order

Before ordering it's best to read our section ‘Prescription Information’ and you may also find the section ‘How to Choose’ helpful.

There are 3 main styles to choose from:

  • Leisure styles
  • Sport styles
  • Models with optical inserts

In the description for each model we state whether it is a men’s style, women’s style or a unisex style. For leisure and sport styles simply choose the frame you want and then complete the online ordering process.

As part of the ordering process you will need to also complete the online prescription section with your prescription details. Alternatively, if you prefer not to place your order online you can call us and post, fax or email your prescription to us (e.g. a copy of the actual prescription provided by your optician). 

After the frame choice the main decision is whether you want grey or brown prescription lenses. These tint options are part of the price shown (except for optical insert models). Standard grey or brown lenses will be Category 3 (for strong sunlight).

If you have a strong prescription we will need to use thinner ‘High Index’ lenses – these are more costly. This additional charge applies if you have a ‘Sph’ figure greater than -4 or +4. 

If you want polarised grey or polarised brown lenses there is a supplementary charge.

Please note we can also supply eyewear with other coloured lenses such as blue, yellow, purple, orange or rose. For special colours please call and we can discuss your requirements and take the order over the phone. We can also provide Transition® or photochromic lenses for most models (these adjust to the light and typically change from Category 1 to 3 depending on the strength of the sun). Again, if you want these light adjusting lenses it is best to call us.

ALL lenses are made by our partner opticians and will be UV400 rated providing the maximum protection from harmful UVR.

This graphic below summarises the order process:

How to order - order process

Delivery times

Delivery time will vary depending on certain factors. Non-standard lenses (such as the curved lenses used in many sports style frames); polarised lenses or High Index lenses will usually mean 10-14 days delivery time. However a standard prescription with standard grey or brown lenses in a leisure style frame can usually be done in less than 7 days. Models with optical inserts can be done quite quickly – usually in less than 5 days. If you have a deadline such as a holiday that you need your prescription sunglasses / eyewear by it is best to call us to see if we can meet it.

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