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Bollé have a sports eyewear heritage of 130 years; they not only look and feel great but also deliver exceptional performance with superior design, quality materials and leading edge technologies. Now in association with Bollé we can fit prescription lenses to most Bollé models using their proprietary B-Thin active design technology which makes sports prescription lenses available to over 95% of prescription wearers. With Bollé B-Thin active design lenses, even high prescriptions e.g. +/- 9 can be fitted to a full wrap, 8 base curve sports frame.

Lenses would be made from either polycarbonate or Trivex (both are shatterproof with high impact protection) and a wide range of non-polarised, polarised and photochromic lens option in different colours and tints. There is also an extensive list of other options available such as anti-reflective, anti-scratch coatings along with hydrophobic and hard coatings.

To order Bollé prescription sunglasses we need to see your prescription and we can then provide you with a firm price based on your model, frame and lens choice.

To contact us about Bollé prescription lenses please email: or call: 01256 472 063.

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